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Mother’s Day

World's best Mom T Shirt
World’s best Mom T Shirt by Clareville
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Pigs Rule design

My latest design is Pigs Rule:

“Happiness is…” the newest contest on Polyvore

Happiness is…

What makes you happy? Show me at the “Happiness is…” contest.
For me it is designing and creating. You can see my work at Clareville Designs.
Happiness is...

Cute Cartoon Animal Art

I have been inspired to design a few more cute cartoon animals. Here are just some of my latest. I’ll show you on t-shirts but you can also buy them on other Clareville Designs’ gifts.

Cow zazzle_shirt
Cow by Clareville
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Cute owl design

When teaching myself how to draw cute cartoon animals with Photoshop I decided that an owl design was one of the easiest (three circles, plus a few other simple details – took me hours). Here is one of my very first designs:

I went down “the more is better” route. Then I thought KISS (keep it simple stupid) might be better for iPhone cases, t-shirts for women, and some other products. Like this:
However my biggest selling design has been this one on an iPhone 4 case:
Cute Baby Owl speckcase
Cute Baby Owl by In_case
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Now I often wonder if selling is all about design or marketing. Well obviously you need both. But I think I have been lucky in that many friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest have helped. (So if you do like any of my designs please click on them and help promote.)
Anyway, stupid me only put this design on one type of iphone case. So today I have spent the day adding it to my favorite iphone case (the case-mate case) and changing it slightly.  As I have done the design as a .png file, it has a transparent background. So you can easily change the background color on any of these iphones cases.
Cute Owl casematecase
Cute Owl by In_case
Design your own ipod touch cases
And then I decided to do a more detailed design with a night background. This is my favorite but the simpler design sells lots more:

To checkout the rest of my owl designs on iphone case, please click here.

Cute Mom and Baby Owl Throw Pillow (Award Winner)

I just won a Zazzle TBA (Today’s Best Award) for this Cute Mom and Baby Owl throw cushion:


Cute Owl iphone covers

Check out these cute owl iPhone cases:

Cute Baby Owl speckcase
Cute Baby Owl by In_case
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Cute owls on ipad, ipod & iphone covers

Check out these cute owls on iPad, iPhone and iPod covers:

Painted owl t-shirts –






Painted owl t-shirts –

35% off Invitations

35% Off Invitations

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