I have a number of stores mainly at

Please check them out:

  1. Clareville – all the usual Zazzle stuff
  2. In Case – specializing in fab protective cases for mobile phones, iPods, iPads and laptops and Macbooks
  3. Draw Cards – specializing in greeting cards, invites, business cards, posters and canvas prints
  4. Christmas Art – my Christmas and holiday store
  5. Design Speakers – a store for mps, ipod, iphone speakers and matching gifts
  1. That is alot of stores with great products.Good luck with them all

  2. Thank u soooo much…Love your site i should say

  3. Wonderful stores! How do you manage them all?

    • Not as well as I would like. I mostly use Clareville and In_case. I used to love designing shoes but at the moment, with no shoes from Zazzle, that is on hold. I have thought about another store for household goods, such as the pillows, plates, etc – which I love designing but have just set up a “house” section in Clareville. I do love your store. Have visited.

      • Thanks! I’ve been thinking of setting up a new store but the idea of managing two scares me. Oh well, maybe next week I’ll try it. Anyway, I think you’re doing a great job at handling all of yours. I visited all your stores and I don’t think you neglect any of them šŸ™‚ What happened to the shoes?

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