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My Zazzle designed pillows 50% off

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Love is in the air

Alice in Wonderland collage

I’ve been working on some new collages today based on my favourite book “Alice in Wonderland”. Here is the first collage.

Alice in Wonderland collage

I have then done a bit more to it on Photoshop resulting in the finished product:

Alice in wonderland collage

Alice in wonderland collage

I added the design to iPhone cases:

Alice in wonderland collage iPhone cases

Alice in wonderland collage iPhone cases

I have added it to throw pillows and cushions:

Alice in Wonderland collage throw pillows and cushions

Alice in Wonderland collage throw pillows and cushions

I have added this and similar designs to more products. Click here to see.

Cute Hippy Elephant design

One of my latest designs is this cute hippy (hippie if you live in the US) elephant design:

I designed it using Photoshop and have put it on t-shirts here is an example:
I think it works well on iPhone covers:
And I really like how it looks on throw pillows:
And then finally on these melamine plates (which are 10 inches in diameter and dishwasher safe):

New floral design

Here is my latest floral design. I love the way it transfer well onto plates, throw pillows, napkins, placemats and then looks just as great on iPhone cases.


Retro Floral Pattern throwpillow
Retro Floral Pattern by Clareville
Browse other throw pillow designs on Zazzle.
The design is white with a transparent background – so you can change the color of your product to match your decor, or in the case of the iphone cases your handbag. Just click on any of the images and go to “Customize it” and then “Edit” and change the color of your background.

Photo of Baby Rainbow Lorikeets

I took these photos of two cute baby rainbow lorikeets after the rain. They landed on my deck and just started preening themselves. They seemed to be totally unaware of me. I felt it was a rare privilege to watch them and even rarer to be able to take these photos:

These photos were one of my inspirations to start up my Zazzle website Clareville and one of the very first series of designs I put on gifts.

Click here to look or click on the photos. On some gifts I was able to put a close-up of the feathers creating a wonderful colorful texture.

I would love to know your thoughts, so please comment below.

Make your own Throw Pillows

In my last post I showed you a number of cute throw cushions that would look great anywhere but especially in children’s rooms.

Now I’m going to show you how to make your own.

  1. First click on the photo below (after reading the directions)
  2. Next on the right (on the page you go to) you will see two little images (with grey and white checkerboard) and the words “Add your image”. Click the word “change” under both of these and upload your image.
  3. Then click “Customize it” to change the color of your cushion. You need to click “Back” as well as “Front” to change the color on both sides of your cushion.
  4. Last click “Add to Cart”. There you go you have made your very own cushion!

Cute throw cushions

New to Zazzle are throw pillows. These cushions are made of 100% grade A cotton. The perfect complement to your couch, custom American Mojo pillows will make you the envy of the neighborhood. All American MoJo products are produced by sustainably employed single moms in the USA and contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for single moms and their children.

They can also look great in children’s rooms. And here are just a few cute cushions that you can buy:

Sleepy Monkey throwpillow
Sleepy Monkey by ErinKellyArt
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silly teethy grin smiley face lavender throwpillow
silly teethy grin smiley face lavender by dooni_pillows
Browse other pillow designs on Zazzle.

Cute Mom and Baby Owl Throw Pillow (Award Winner)

I just won a Zazzle TBA (Today’s Best Award) for this Cute Mom and Baby Owl throw cushion:


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