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Alice in Wonderland inspired iPad cover


Mad hatters tea party collage design

The latest in the Alice in Wonderland series is my Mad hatter’s tea party collage design. Here is the original design and it on some Zazzle products:

Poppy field collage design

I have spent the morning working on this Poppy fields collage design. Click on the image to see some of the products with this design.

Poppy fields
Here are just a few products. Click on images to see more:
Poppy Fields wrapped canvas

Poppy Fields wrapped canvas

Poppy Fields t-shirts

Poppy Fields t-shirts

Poppy Fields iPhone5 Cases

Poppy Fields iPhone5 Cases

Poppy fields iPad Mini Retina Cover

Poppy fields iPad Mini Retina Cover

New mini iPad covers

Aztec pattern iPad mini cases ipad mini cases

see on 4 products

Aztec pattern iPad mini cases ipad mini cases

see on 4 products

Cute owl and floral pattern iPad mini cases ipad mini cases

see on 2 products

Egypt bird pattern ipad mini cases

see on 2 products

Vintage Hawaiian pin-up girl ipad mini cases

Mardi Gras Mask iPad mini case from

Mardi Gras Mask iPad mini case from

Vintage iPhone Cases

I love anything vintage or retro. I guess it brings up memories and nostalgia for the past. I especially get a kick out of vintage posters – you know the old travel ones – and retro objects. Both of which look great on iPhone and iPad cases.

So just for fun I have stared a new Facebook page Vintage iPhone Cases. It would be great if you could give me support and become a fan.

Here is just a little glimpse of what you’ll see (If you like any – just click on the image to buy):

Australia vintage travel poster zazzle_speckcase
Australia vintage travel poster by Clareville
Put your favorite photo on iPhone case designs at Zazzle.

Spring is here (well Autumn Actually)

In the northern hemisphere spring has arrived. Here in Australia it is the end of summer, which is a shame as it has been very wet and no real warm weather. So I’m not ready for autumn (fall).

However I realize my main market is the northern hemisphere , the US to be precise. And you will be looking forward to spring.

So to celebrate here is a pretty spring design of cherry blossoms. A painting I did this time last year:

Cherry Blossom Painting postcard
Cherry Blossom Painting by Clareville
Create your own postcard with
Click here to see this design on more gifts.

29% off phone and ipad cases

29% off all cases for iphones, iPads, ipods and other mobile case at my store In Case.Use Code: 29EVERY4YEAR at checkout.

Here are just some of my designs:

Cute Baby Owl speckcase
Cute Baby Owl by In_case
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Vintage Beach Poster speckcase
Vintage Beach Poster by In_case
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Photo of Baby Rainbow Lorikeets

I took these photos of two cute baby rainbow lorikeets after the rain. They landed on my deck and just started preening themselves. They seemed to be totally unaware of me. I felt it was a rare privilege to watch them and even rarer to be able to take these photos:

These photos were one of my inspirations to start up my Zazzle website Clareville and one of the very first series of designs I put on gifts.

Click here to look or click on the photos. On some gifts I was able to put a close-up of the feathers creating a wonderful colorful texture.

I would love to know your thoughts, so please comment below.

Inspiration Steampunk from Hugo the Movie

These Steampunk designs on iPhone and Blackberry cases are, in part, inspired by the movie Hugo. If you wish to buy or find out more click on the images.

Vintage Steampunk Gold Watch speckcase
Vintage Steampunk Gold Watch by In_case

Here are some other Steampunk mobile phone cases:

To see more Steampunk phone and iPad covers click here.

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