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Designing business cards – add your own touches

I have been designing business cards at my Draw Cards store at Zazzle.

All you need to do is put your details on the card and order. However you can also change most of them, add personal touches – your logo for example.

At the moment (until midnight 9 September 2016) there is 60% Off Business Cards & 15% Off Everything Else!     Use Code: BIGBIZDEAL60.

Here are just some of my designs:

Personal Trainer business card
Personal Trainer business card by draw_cards
Browse more Trainer Business Cards at Zazzle
Chiropractor business card
Chiropractor business card by draw_cards
View other Health Business Cards at

I wake up in the morning with designs in my head

These days I’m up early. I always have ideas in my head. Sometimes it is small designs. Others it is urban design ideas. Most days it is both.

Today is one of those days. Inspired by the water close by, the idea of place – as in placemaking – and meeting a remarkable lady, Kim Jones, the mother of musical artists  Angus and Julia Stone, and the question just “Who are you?” – I did these design for guitar picks:

Design your own swimwear

I have just found this fabulous POD (Print on Demand) website which allows you to design your own swimwear.

Perfect for the creative type who loves to swim!! Me!! I’m in heaven.


Alice in Wonderland inspired iPad cover

New products from Zazzle to create

Here are just some of the new products from Zazzle. So go crazy with your designs and start creating:

Here are a few of my latest:

All Over Print Women’s Tank Top ~>
AcrylicPrint®HD Triptych Wall Art ~>…

Zazzle Heart Adventure Collection:

Custom Leather Journal ~>…

#NewyNightRides lights the City

On a mild Winter’s evening in August, a near full moon rises over the City. People casually dining, drinking, laughing along Honeysuckle, King Street, Hunter Street. West, the sound of a line…

Source: #NewyNightRides lights the City

Love not fear

So many of us let fear over-ride us. When something horrible happens many turn to fear. This is usually totally debilitating.

What would happen if we choose Love not fear. Love is so powerful, so strong, so enlivening.

So let us all choose Love not fear.

This inspirational video from Jim Carey is also worth watching. He talks about the power of Love:

Blue eye wall clock design

I have just sold over 30 copies of this Blue Eye Wall Clock in less than 24 hours. I just want to thank who ever is promoting it. You are doing a great job. Nearly all have been sold in Florida, so I assume it is someone there.

Just goes to show it is all about promotion, rather than design. Just hitting the right audience at the right time with a fad idea.

Busy day yesterday designing

Yesterday morning I was home alone so spent some time designing. Here are just some of the results:

Pigs Rule design

My latest design is Pigs Rule:

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