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Adding Zazzle Pro Seller Badge

Adding Zazzle Pro Seller Badge

So many of us have just become Zazzle Pro Sellers – congratulations to you all – but how do you add the Pro Seller Badge to your side bar?

Like you, I had problems but finally cracked it. This is what it looks like on my Clareville store and my Design Speakers store. I strongly suggest you set up a new store to use as a test store.

Here’s how to add the Zazzle Pro Seller Badge:

  1. Go to your Store tab and chose Appearance. You should be in the page Store Appearance.
  2. Click on Create a Custom look.
  3. Tick the box: Beta! Enable advanced options. Then click on the tab: Beta! Advanced.
  4. You should have two boxes: one called Layout XHTML, one Style (CSS).
  5. Go to the top box called Layout (XHTML). Find code: <div id=”group_3″> after this add the XHTML code of your choice from your e-mail from Zazzle. I added a medium badge to Design Speakers so I used that code, so it looked like this: <div id=”group_3″>
    <div id=”proSellerBadgeMd”></div> but you can paste the code for the size you want (Lg, Md or Sm).
  6. Then go to the bottom box: Style (CSS). Find code:
  7. /*——————————————-
    | misc
  8. Go to the bottom of this section place your cursor after } then paste all the code from your e-mail after CSS  (all three paragraphs) starting #proSellerBadge  . . .  ending in the last  “crop” />}
  9. Click on Save and Validate Changes
  10. View page. You Pro Seller Badge should appear on the top of your side bar as in my Clareville store (small Zazzle Pro Seller Badge) or my Design Speakers store (medium Zazzle Pro Seller Badge).

Best of luck with all your Zazzle ventures.

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