Photo of Baby Rainbow Lorikeets

I took these photos of two cute baby rainbow lorikeets after the rain. They landed on my deck and just started preening themselves. They seemed to be totally unaware of me. I felt it was a rare privilege to watch them and even rarer to be able to take these photos:

These photos were one of my inspirations to start up my Zazzle website Clareville and one of the very first series of designs I put on gifts.

Click here to look or click on the photos. On some gifts I was able to put a close-up of the feathers creating a wonderful colorful texture.

I would love to know your thoughts, so please comment below.


About Communications editor

I love the area I live in and feel that I should do my best to help the community and keep the area beautiful. I'm Semi-retired, teaching myself graphic design which you can see on and Having lots of fun.

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  1. Very interesting to see how you have created a range of products Clareville. I might look further into these ideas, although my images might not be quite crisp enough. Great to see your enterprising approach and to note that you are an Australian in the market too!

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